The approximate start date of your project may change due to multiple factors including weather, product availability, etc. We will keep you updated with our best estimated start date.


Work days start as early as 7AM and run to as late as dusk. Our goal is to shingle up everything that we have torn off by the end of each day, therefore leaving you a fully shingled roof at the end of each day. This allows you to have peace of mind that you will not have any leaks during the project, even if it isn’t completed all in one day.


Please have all needed vehicles out of the way or parked on the street. The driveway and yard will get crowded quickly, either the day before for material and dumpster delivery, or on the start date for the work about to begin. Material delivery and dumpster delivery usually happen a business day or two before the project starts. There will also be work trucks in the driveway and on the street during the project. While we are constantly cleaning the job site, there will be times when we will tape/block off areas where we are working for your safety and for our workers safety. If you let us know in advance, we will certainly work with you on figuring out the best way to avoid inconveniencing you during the project. Please do not throw away anything in the dumpster as we do recycle the waste and there are added charges if the dumpster has anything outside of our project debris. Noise: This will be a loud project, but we will try to be as reasonable as possible. There are compressors and trucks and machinery that unfortunately make a lot of noise.


Keep your driveway clear.

Remove any pictures/wall hangings that may fall with the pounding that occurs while we are working.

Remove any patio furniture and yard items around the perimeter of your home or building.

Have people and pets avoid the perimeter of the building during the project. We do magnet sweep for nails at the end of each workday and do a final clean up at the end of the project, but please avoid these areas until the entire project is finished.

While tearing the existing roof off, some debris, such as nails, shingle pieces and granules, may fall between the roof deck onto your attic or garage floor. If you want to avoid the attic debris, lay a tarp over everything that you need protected so it can easily be cleaned up. If we have access to the garage floor, we will sweep it out when we are finishing the days work. Please sweep or at least scan the floor to avoid running over any nails or other roofing debris when pulling into the garage.

Thank you for your business and feel free to contact us with any other questions about your roofing project.